Video Presentations

Turn your advertising theme into business-boosting Video Ads

If you’re looking to win over your audience with a presentation, videos are the best way to do it. According to Insivia, viewers retain 95% of a message when they see it in a video, but only 10% if they have to read on-screen text.

The presence of a Video presentation delivers a vibe of energy and momentum in the boardroom. It makes your presentation more alive and demanding. It is the video that acts as an element of attention in an otherwise dry presentation.

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Before we dive in further into video presentations, let us see how the presence of a video can render its benefits.

  • Video can tell a compelling story which can convey some emotion along with the message. Everyone knows the famous fact: Emotion drives sales
  • A thirty second video can convey half a million words. By playing a short 30-second video instead of ramming in 15 bullet points into one slide, you can make the message easily sink into the minds of the audience.
  • While conveying a metaphor, the video comes in handy in showing the audience the context of the message.
  • The speaker gets a versatile medium to convey his thoughts. He gets his space and time to make his presentation even more lively.

5 types of video presentations

  • Introductory presentations
  • Sales video presentations
  • VC pitch/Investor pitch
  • Employee training
  • Internal sales video presentations

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