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SMS marketing (short message service marketing) is a technique that uses permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages.

To receive text message specials, new product updates or more information, customers are usually required to opt in to an automated system by texting an initial shortcode. When the 6 digit code is texted, that user’s phone number is then stored by whatever SMS marketing software is issuing the texts. A confirmation response is usually sent as receipt for opting in, with an opt-out code included for potential future unsubscribing.

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Advanced SMS Solutions for Connected Business

Experience world class messaging with Industrial Infotech’s advance business solutions that make SMS integration for enterprises simple. Industrial Infotech’s SMS platform enables enterprises to easily integrate with Business APIs and harness the power of SMS as a medium to communicate with their target customers.

  • Transactional Alerts : APIs and on-premise SMS solutions for alerts such as account balance or transaction notification.
  • User Verification (OTP) : Multi-channel retrial to ensure your OTP SMS will be delivered in time.
  • Promotional SMS : Build SMS campaigns based on specific user behavior.
  • Segment/Retarget : Powerful SMS analytics engine to segment customer base and broadcast retargeted SMS.
  • Information on Demand : Provide information on demand with a simple SMS to a specific number for stock prices, account balance, inventory, office locations, transaction statements, status updates and more.
  • Engagement : SMS based quizzes, contest and gamification for engaging customers.
  • Internal team communication : Engage with your internal teams and send out service alerts such as security updates, new account information and others.
  • Customer Satisfaction Messaging (C-Sat) : Run surveys or feedback polls and receive information from customers in the form of a SMS response, a simple click or a missed call.
  • Loyalty Programs : Execute multi-level loyalty programs starting from SMS but spread across multiple channels.

6 Benefits of SMS Marketing

  • It’s a direct, immediate channel.
  • You can use shortcodes to simplify response and build your database.
  • It can support and integrate with other channels.
  • You can learn more about your customers.
  • You can increase customer engagement.
  • Response data enables you to monitor, track and improve.


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SMS Tariff

To Send Bulk & Automated SMS, you required this feature to promote your product or to provide feature with your applications to send Alerts, Verification Code and passwords with your branded Sender ID. You can use this package to send both promotional and transactional sms.

Packages No. of SMS Cost per SMS Package Cost Action
Lite 1,000 35 Paise 350 Order Now
Basic 2,500 30 Paise 750 Order Now
Personal 5,000 25 Paise 1,250 Order Now
Starter 10,000 20 Paise 2,000 Order Now
Small Business 25,000 18 Paise 4,500 Order Now
Corporate 50,000 16 Paise 8,000 Order Now
Corporate Pro 1,00,000 14 Paise 14,000 Order Now
Corporate Premium 5 Laksh & Above 12 Paise 12,000/Lakhs Order Now
NOTE : Goods And Service Tax (GST) 18% as applicable.
  • Custom Sender ID :
    Sender ID is the name or number that is shown on the recipient mobile phone when they receive an SMS message. Send all your SMS with a custom Sender Id that reflects your brand or group. Depending on the telecom rules of the country, we work with operators to get the required Sender Id assigned to you.
  • API Integration :
    Thousand of our clients have integrated our API into their applications to send alerts, notifications, confirmations and passcodes. Our flexible and powerful API works with almost any software application and major ERP solutions like SAP and Oracle APPS. If you need a custom API , our engineers will build it for your needs.
  • SMS on the Go :
    Send SMS to your groups without the need for computer or internet. Great solution to send alerts and news to your groups on the go. Send you SMS to our dedicated number and based on your setting we will broadcast it your group.
  • SMS Software :
    Use our desktop SMS software or Microsoft Excel Plug-ins to send SMS from your computer without the need to visit our website. Our Excel Plug-in is very popular with a lot of our clients who use it to send end of the day account balances, trade summary etc.
  • Email 2 SMS :
    With Email2SMS, you can easily send SMS to multiple recipients from your mail account. This feature allows you to send Bulk SMS from any E-mail Client/Application to any mobile phone across the globe.
  • Delivery Reports :
    Monitor the progress of your SMS campaigns and broadcasts using our Instantaneous and Dynamic delivery reports(also known as CDRs). Filter, search or download reports for further analysis and transparent billing.

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