• 1 Digital / Electronic Resume
  • Interactive Clickable Format
  • Quality Text and Graphics
  • Use of Appropriate Keywords
  • Standard Section Headings
  • Use of CTA - Call to Action
  • Click to Call, WhatsApp, Email
  • Introductory PDF with short URL
  • Referal Text & Videos
  • Work Portfolio & Statistics
  • Social Media Sharing
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  • Additional PDF format attached

Digital ResumeStand Out From the Crowd

More and more companies are requesting electronic resumes from jobseekers.

Everyone is looking for a way to make their resume stand out in today’s job market. One way to do that is by giving your resume some visual appeal. Well-designed resumes with color and images can attract attention over those with plain old text.

Because it’s a relatively new creation, there are few strict definitions of what a digital resume has to be. Some people make talking head videos of themselves and post this as their “resume” on YouTube. Others create ambitious, fully-featured websites where they post their work and include gorgeous designs and animations. When it comes to creating a digital resume, the only real limits are your imagination and skillset.

All “digital resume” really means is that your resume is available online. Employers want to see that you’re web savvy enough to at least put your resume on the internet, because using a computer is pretty much essential in most companies these days. Here we will build a digital resume just in the format your prospective employer asks to see it.

Why you should have a Digital Resume ?

  • Uniqueness : It will reflect uniqueness in you to the requiters
  • Accessibility : Your resume can be accessed from anywhere by the requiters
  • Hard copy of the resume will be short and pecise. You can refer them to your digital resume having full details by just mentioning your URL.
  • Better Chances : Your chances for getting a job will increase as your Digital or E-Resume can be viewd and accessed easily by a number of recruiters
  • Better Impression : In case of seeking a job, you first impression is one thing that matters most. Your Digital Resume will create an impression to recruiters that you are well foccused towards the goal.

  • Customised Layout for Digital Resume is also available.

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