• 1 Digital Business Card
  • Interactive Digital Format
  • Business Card QR Code
  • Click, Call, Connect
  • Click, WhatsApp, Chat
  • Click and SMS, Email
  • Display your Biography
  • Click Website, Browse
  • Save Contact to Phone
  • Click and Navigate
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Click and Capture Leads
  • Click to Payment Details

Digital B-Cardsgrow your business with one card

Handshakes and paper business cards are no longer acceptable in the world post COVID19.

No matter if you are a Photographer, Salesman, Network Marketer, Real Estate Agent, Serviceman, Musician, Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur, etc…. Digital Business Card can help you to connect with your customers in a whole new way !

Equip your staff with digital business cards they can safely share with your prospects and clients when meeting in person, or over zoom, teams and teleconferences.

Switch to Interactive Digital Business Card and impress the people you meet by sharing your professional or personalized content details in a single view.

Your business card will be tech-savvy and minimal effort to be put by your clients to contact you. This will help you network better.

Don't worry, your contacts don't need any app to view and use your card.

Introducing Features :

  • 100% digitalized and eco-friendly
  • Replacement to paper business cards
  • Never ending product and 100% sustainable
  • Fast forward, Saves time and money
  • Independence to express your business
  • 24 X 7 X 365 in pocket
  • Easy Marketing and Business Networking
  • Available in both online and PDF format
  • Helpful to various department
  • User friendly and change as per requirement

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